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Are your parents from Siberia?

No. Before, as far as I know, both dad and mum lived somewhere in the Urals. Well. Not somewhere but mum lived in Chelyabinsk and dad lived somewhere in Ufa. Well. And later they met each other somewhere and, well then, erm, they moved to Siberia. And we were born later. So I am, meanwhile, a Siberian. Our village, from … if you ask me about it. Our village was big, about 250 houses. Every house is a castle. Why? Because you see forest is all around it. If the household is open a bear, a wolf or a stranger can enter it. They always fenced the territory. There was a barn inside, a house, sometimes a washing house, and a toilet. Everything was fenced. The walls were logged: splat logs and such gate that was closed at night. There was even a gate on the one part of the village and on the other part. At night they were closed. Well, the gate was easy to slip down and go further. You know what we did when we were small boys, well then, we closed the gate and waited until the car came up. A car was coming up and we were sitting near the gate. A driver shouted: “Heh, guys, open the gate!” and we opened it, and he threw a five-kopeck coin for us. Ok? We collected them and went to the shop to buy sweets. You see.



Researcher: Наталья Иващенко, кандидат исторических наук, ГрГУ им. Я. Купалы, Ксения Адасик, ГрГУ им.Я. Купалы

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