Creation history and Mission

The E-Museum “Vitamemoria” is an important sociocultural product launched during the implementation of the project “Popularization of the Centres of Oral History in the LV – BY Cross-Border Area”, ID Nо. LLB–2–143, of the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Latvia–Lithuania–Belarus implemented within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007–2013.  The e-museum files the historical testimonies in an interactive way and ensures their actualization in the modern format of dissemination of information and knowledge that is accessible to the widest possible range of people interested, as well as provides for the transmission of the collected and systematized historical material to the following generations.

The e-museum is a compendium of 360 audio-visual forms of oral history – segmented units of life stories. They enable one to juxtapose individuals’ memories with the official history thus developing an active and inclusive attitude towards one’s region, its history and population; to compare the history of the Latvian – Belarusian border area thus crystallising the views concerning common and different characteristics within the interpretation of socio-political and cultural-historical processes common for both countries. 

The e-museum is the instrument that ensures the transfer of academic knowledge to the society at large. It has been developed as a support for academic and professional education. The resources of the e-museum will be used in the content of the study programmes of different levels at the universities involved in the project – Daugavpils University (Latvia) and Yanka Kupala Grodno State University (Belarus).

To ensure the sustainability of the e-museum, the information input will be continued also after the completion of the project: the materials collected by students during their oral history, folklore and dialectology practice, as well as the materials submitted by other interested people will be selected, examined by experts and added to the collection. 

Popularization of the centres of oral history in the LV-BY cross-border area (LLB-2-143)
Daugavpils University Innovation and Development
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Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
Promotion Centre

Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross-border Cooperation
Programme within the European
Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013
This project is funded by the European Union
Eiropas Komisijas EuropeAid LV-LT-BY Programmas mājaslapa ES delegācija Baltkrievijā

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