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She said they came to Borisov. She had 6 sisters and brothers. I called in on one sister, she taught a foreign language, and another one taught Russian literature in Smolevichy. She said, «We won’t go anywhere. Where?! We have a house and children here. Where?! Basya, what did you and David think up?!» And father said strictly, «Go to the East! There will be a cruel war. There are communists and the Jews there. Enormous number. Go, Basya, don’t listen to anybody!» Mother called for grandmother and aunt. And my mother told me stories about my aunt with a laugh. She told with a laugh. There was a boot tree factory, they made shoe foot trees. And my aunt worked there, and she was a party person, and my mother didn’t mention that she was in a party, her party membership card had been taken away, and everything was taken away because she was under investigation. And my aunt ... my mother called for her and said, «Zina, let’s go, take the children and go away – it’s a war!» «Basya, how can I go, I am a party member. I have a gun, I have to ... they told me to keep watch over the factory». And she said, «Where is the authorities who have to watch? There’s nobody!» «I am keeping watch, they are on vacations!» My mother said, «Zina, listen to me, let’s go!» So she took her and took these children from the kindergarten. And grandmother addressed to her children. She talked into. She had one son. The son had six children who represented Borisov wind band. These guys. She talked them into all the time. At home. But nobody didn’t want to go anywhere. «That’s false. The German war was earlier». The grandmother’s son (grandmother told us about that): «We were sitting in the forest quietly, and they came and nobody touched us, any Germans didn’t beat us. You have just thought it up!» Mother was talking them into but nobody went. Only aunts Zina and Manya who lives in Israel, their mother with two children. They left together with us. And aunt Zina thought about the card, where to hide the party membership card. And mother said, «Zina, nobody will find it. Let me dig a hole at the factory territory, put it there, cover it and place a log there and you will know where it is». And she did like that. «Basya, if they will be judging me because of this membership card you will stand trial». Well, they were still young and we were small and mother said, «So I buried this membership card in the hole and drove a stick. So you will remember, this is yours. Nobody will know about it». She was a quiet soul, and she was already pregnant, she gave birth to Anka, my cousin, in the year of 42. She was pregnant but they went. And they talked into also her son, and one more aunt, they went out with two children.



Researcher: Наталья Иващенко, кандидат исторических наук, ГрГУ им. Я. Купалы, Светлана Силова, кандидат исторических наук, доцент, ГрГУ им. Я. Купалы

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