Ira Motolyga about the family

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Do you know the circumstances of the death of your father?

We did not see him. No, we even don’t have a photograph of him. We do not know him.

Did you receive coupons on behalf of your father?

Yes, we did. We got them after the war because of his death. There was my mother’s aunt in Orenburg who was sick, and we got a lot of money, because I remember when we arrived, my mother came, she held the money like this in her hands, then opened and said, «Here you are, kids, I got it for your father». I remember that very well. A grandmother came over and said, «Basia, the only request I have, take Zina home». She was kept to her bed in Orenburg in very poor condition. Well, my mother went to Orenburg and brought her to our place. It was already impossible to drive, and she was flying the plane with a nurse. And all the money was spent on this flight. She brought her. And I remember my aunt well. First she was in Borisov, and then they took her to the hospital. In Borisov, at First Soviet Street. I still remember my sister and me were bringing her parcels. A grandmother took care of her exactly nine months, sitting at her bed in this hospital. Once we came there, to my aunt, and brought her something to eat, we still were going with my elder sister, there was such a hill there, all the time we were going down the hill, we had a ride on the sand, with her, with my sister. And we always carried lunch. And I used to ask, «Anka, gave me a pancake. We may eat one – and one will be for her». She said, «You are unscrupulous, she's sick». And didn’t not give me, I remember well. She said, «You're always a glutton, you want to eat». And did not give me. And we always brought her food. And I remember, we went to the ward, and my grandmother was talking, the doctor said, «Do not let her drink». And so my grandmother, Hawa, looked at her, at my aunt, and said a physician to hear it: «Drink as much as you want!» And my grandmother poured, and she drank and drank, and the water was flowing right out of her legs. And she died. Grandmother said: «Drink as much as you want!» And she went out – that’s all. The children lived with us. Mom bestowed them in marriage, since that time we all lived in the same house.



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