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We managed to move from Vladzivastok during the War. My sister was born in 1937 and I was born in 1939. And about 1942–1943, probably in 1942 we moved from Vladzivastok. We told our father that we have to change the climate immediately as it was very humid and moist there. We have to change the climate for much drier one. And my mother, she was twenty-five or twenty- seven, she had two daughters (my sister and me), and a sick father. So, we moved from Vladzivastok to Uzbekistan. Yes, we took him to warm climate, we moved there. However father died there and mother stayed behind with two of us. She worked at the bakery there. Well, it was a difficult job. Our father’s friend came to visit us, in fact, he raised us, and we cannot call him a stepfather, he was a good person, but he was from Karaganda, his family was big too. He was somewhat dispossessed and sent to the Urals, he was exiled exactly, he logged together with his brother. But as a matter of fact, he wasn’t a kulak (a rich peasant). It was just jealousy. His family was very hardworking and I can’t say they were rich, they were normal because they worked hard. I don’t remember what year he was rehabilitated in. I don’t remember everything; my sister has a paper somewhere. In general, he visited us all the time, he visited us and visited and finally stayed with us. .. Well, he worked hard, he worked as a carpenter, and mother didn’t worked any more after that, she stayed at home. But she has gifted hands, she could do everything: to saw, to knit, to embroider – everything.



Researcher: Kseniya Adasik,Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

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