Alla Gajdis: About the War

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Mother told me that I was lying on the swaddling cloth mother-naked (1941), a German came up to me and gave a tickle to my belly.

I remember several episodes.

German gendarmes were horrible people. If they saw a gathering or neighbours to have come they already came in there. Once there the youth gathered, and they were passing by in a road cart, they were not working at the farm, but playing the guitar and peeping out of the window. So they stopped over keeping tommy-guns in their hands, so everyone was running away to hide at the back street. She said that she stayed alone: no-no, I was waiting for you, “komm-komm”. The others had hidden in the potato greenery between the furrows. But there appeared the “soltys” (local mayor).

The soltys was a very good person, our guy, from Putrishki. He left for Poland. He helped us, tried to prevent any harm. He explained them everything. The German palmed me on the belly and smiled – that happened in 1941. May be he had his own child left in Germany. June-August.



Researcher: Aleksej Zagidulin,Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

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