Antanina Radzetskaya: About evacuation from Smolensk

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And later on they asked us to leave, when the father was arrested and put into Vrotslav prison of Smolensk oblast, so they asked us to move away from here. They could arrest us and kill. Gukau Yuri Hikolyevich communicated that we had to move away. So we moved. We left our place, they drove us out, but later they stopped us. When they started to evacuate before that… I am sorry… we needed a horse. «So what, the party activists want to evacuate and we should stay here?!» We were not allowed to catch a train.

What place they were going to send you?

They were going to send us to Russia, yes, there to Russia, to Saratov Oblast. I remember that even Lyuba, you see – here is Lyuba (on the photo), she lives in Zakhodnyaya street. She probably lives very close… Her father was a head of the fire station. I have a book about them. So what… they were not allowed to go, and we neither. They took the horse away, turned the cart back and that’s it.


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