The project "People of Daugavpils for Daugavpils" has been launched with the aim to study, preserve and popularize well-known Daugavpils citizens' memories about the development of Daugavpils in various economic spheres

In April 2016, the Society of Daugavpils University "Intelligence Park" (“Intelekta parks”) started the implementation the project "People of Daugavpils for Daugavpils" (ID No. 1.23). The aim of the project – the research and the popularization of cultural memory of the population of Daugavpils and artifacts, as well as their preservation for future generations. The project envisages interviewing well-known citizens of Daugavpils who have made substantial contribution to the town's history and represent a variety of fields: medicine , business, public safety or service industry, industry, construction, literature, art, music , education, and culture.

The implementation of the project "People of Daugavpils for Daugavpils" will result in the set of audio-visual and segmented oral history testimonies on the development of Daugavpils that will be collected, summarized and stored for the future generations. During the project, the recorded interviews will be transcribed, thematically segmented and 10 audiovisual units will be uploaded to the e-museum "Vitamemoriae". The e-museum will provide for the project results being available for the population of Daugavpils, interested people, historians and professionals social anthropology around the world .

The Project implementation is co-financed from Daugavpils City Council programme "Support fund for Public organizations". Project leader Maija Burima. Project implementation period: 02.05.2016. – 12.12.2016.

Popularization of the centres of oral history in the LV-BY cross-border area (LLB-2-143)
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