Antonina Radzetskaya: About father’s arrest

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Was your father off to the front during the war?

He was linked with the partisans. When he came home to take some food, to his sister’s house near the forest, their neighbors squeal on him. He was arrested and put into prison. I have all the documents. He stayed at Vrotslav prison till September 1943. We had moved away a week before that… Well. And we… We were told to leave the village because we were shakedowned all the time, because he belonged to the Party. But he was a master – my father, later he was a director of the local club. I asked all the time, «Why was he moved?». But nobody knew about it. He said, «There were no Party activists». But I remember that he was in charge of… He had a work record book. So that’s why he didn’t come back.


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